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The bedroom is one of the important places in a house. People consider it as a personal sanctuary and a private space where they can relax and do things alone. It is where they recharge their energy for the following day. It is important to take note of the layout design, such as the space and furniture, to maximize the capacity of a room. Below are some tips to follow when designing a bedroom:

Colour and Pattern

Use colours and patterns that help in creating good mood. You can place floral, striped or geometric designs to make your bedroom look nice and clean. It is pleasing to the eyes if the view is less distracting. Stick to a single colour theme to avoid any clash of elements. Make sure each pattern features the same primary hue. Choose cool or neutral hues, such as white and light blue, to make the room appear relaxing and calm.

Bed Location

A contributing factor in bedroom design is the bed’s location. Designers recommend placing the bed in a corner, diagonally facing the door. This way, the bed forms its own privacy corner. The position also ensures the bed is not in direct line with the bedroom doors.

Make the bedroom look stylish with attractive headboards. Headboards are a great way to increase the positive feeling of a bedroom. An ideal headboard should be soft with no hard edges to prevent injury when you accidentally hit your head. You can include canopies or bed curtains to wrap your bed if you want to have a more private space.

Window Designs

A bedroom window allows light to enter your room, but the light can be too bright in the morning. You need to cover it with window treatments, such as curtains and blinds. These treatments can provide privacy at night and helps improve the room’s overall design.


Mirrors are good for small bedrooms. Its purpose is to reflect light to make the room appear larger. This adds a stunning energy in your room. Hang a big mirror on the wall to create a view and fill in a blank space. A tall, standing mirror is good too. It creates an illusion of depth, which makes the room look longer than it should be. It also comes in handy when you are dressing up because you can see your whole outfit from head to toe.

Room Accents

Fill all the blank spaces with room accents such as picture frames and other geometric figures. Place some square or round picture frames above the headboard for visual contrast. The amount of frames you place affect how pleasing they are to the eye, and odd numbers work best.

There are different designs to implement in your bedroom to make it look stylish and relaxing. All you have to do is find out what is good for your space and current furniture.

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