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Interested in investigating what is beneath the earth to survey for geological samples, look for ancient artifacts, or even try to find out where Great-Grandpa Hofmeister buried the oil storage tank beneath the corral? Whatever your interests or the project you have in mind, geophysical instruments manufactured by Advanced Geosciences are exactly what you need. The instruments and software that they produce allow sub-surface surveys to be done quickly and efficiently. Among their products are: 950 000 SuperSting RB IP with 8 channels 950 000 SuperSting R1 IP with one channel SuperSting Marine – for applications in rivers, lakes, and oceans. Resistivity software Furthermore, the AGI resistivity experts at Advanced Geosciences, Inc. offer advice and help with problems you may have with any resistivity modeling and inversion theory. They are current with existing data in the field and can suggest ways of facilitating your work. Training sessions can be scheduled in both the United States and Europe. AGI can also provide data processing services if your computer hardware is lacking in capacity, or if you are having trouble with data. AGI has offices both in the United States and in Madrid to assist users in North America, Europe, and the Middle East. Their professional advisors and engineers are interested in facilitating your endeavors and are delighted to consult with you on projects. geophysical equipment from Advanced Geosciences, Inc. will fill the bill.

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