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Say goodbye to winter and hello to green grass, colorful flowers and a new season with a fresh start. Here are some fabulous ideas that will help spruce up your home for spring.


Rather than changing out your furniture, add a touch of spring with throw pillows, blankets, slipcovers and curtains. Replace wool and velvet with cotton, chenille or linen. Hemp, canvas and bamboo fabrics also help create a natural look and feel to coordinate with a room’s natural decor.

Choose pastel colors or other colors inspired by Mother Nature to really make your home feel refreshed, airy and truly delightful. Bold colors, such as bright orange or hot pink, will also add a lively flair. Floral and spring-themed fabrics are also a welcome addition for the season.


Enjoy the fresh flowers of the season. Find light-colored or clear vases and bring the outdoors inside. Cherry blossoms, tulips, lilies and freesia add a beautiful look and a wonderful scent to your home. Flowers will brighten up any space.

Wicker, bamboo and light wood create a spring ambiance. Try decorating with baskets, small furnishings and other accessories made from these natural materials.

Art prints are a fantastic way to create a beautiful and seasonal focal point to any room. Spring landscapes, pastel colors, birds and other nature-themed art prints are great choices. Frame these art prints with white, gold or light wood frames.

Spring Cleaning

Make your home feel like a new. Spring is the season of renewal, so put in the effort to a good spring cleaning. Clean out the coat closet, dust the shelves and mop the floors. Wash cabinets, door knobs and fixtures. Thoroughly clean and disinfect bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms. Recycle old magazines, newspapers and papers that are lying around the house.

Clean your windows to enjoy the fresh, green scenery. Take this one step further and replace heavy drapery with sheer curtains to let the sunshine in. Open the windows to let fresh air permeate through your home to remove winter scents.

If you are feeling extra ambitious, paint a room for the season. Freshen up furniture by painting it a lighter color. Try white, yellow, light green or sky blue. Painting is a relatively inexpensive quick-fix to change the look of a room. The best part is the color change isn’t permanent. You can always change it back or change it up for different seasons.

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