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Have you been looking for elegant garden furniture but confused whether to buy wooden outdoor furniture or select plastic or wrought iron? Whether you intend using the furniture in a pergola or on the porch, it should accentuate the total style and décor of the home. When it comes to natural elegance and stylish garden furniture, nothing suffices as natural wood. But you need to select the wood carefully and ensure that all the wooden furniture which is used outdoors is maintained properly with periodic checks to reduce wear and tear. You may check with the manufacturer about the care and maintenance procedures that the specific garden furniture requires.

Opting for hardwood or softwood

There is a multitude of choices when it comes to organic and natural wood furniture, but you should take into account the weather and the placement of the tables and chairs or other pieces of outdoor furniture before selecting from hardwood and softwood options. Though less expensive than natural wood furniture, many manufacturers have synthetic options with wooden polish and finishes. Usually these pieces are crafted of aluminium and poly-lumber but have no or low maintenance unlike natural wood.

But of course, the organic natural appeal and the visual benefits of wood are unmatched. Selecting between hardwood and softwood translates into different wood densities, visual appeal, strength and durability of the garden furniture. Hardwood furniture is crafted from ash, walnut, teak, oak, beech, and birch, cherry and ebony wood while the softwoods are pine, cedar, spruce, fir, Cyprus and yew. Depending upon your requirement, environment and taste, you can select a wide range of garden furniture crafted in any of these natural woods.

If you are looking for sturdy and weather resistant hardwood outdoor furniture, go for teak or oak as these woods have a natural resistant to termite and mould but can be expensive on your pocket. However, if you are looking at softwood options, cedar wood lasts long, does not split or warp easily. Additionally, cedar is resistant to insects, which can be an important aspect to consider as you might want to place it in the garden where insects and termites maybe present.

Type and style of garden furniture

Just like regular furniture, there is a wide variety and an array of options available in garden furniture. You should select a style that not just complements your porch or garden but complements the décor of the house. Choices range from traditional and Victorian styled wooden furniture to modern, contemporary styles, so assess your requirement before you invest in garden furniture. If it is just for sitting in the sun, small chairs and table can suffice but if you intend throwing parties, benches and longer tables might be a better choice.

For gardens and homes close to the woods or which have wooded ambience, traditional styles suit well but if you are looking for a trendy style, select contemporary and sleek styled furniture. Apart from looking at the style, type of wood and size, check the durability and amount of maintenance the outdoor furniture pieces might require.

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