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Don’t leave your walls white because you don’t know what color to choose! Once you have a basic understanding of how color can work for you, you won’t need to be afraid of wasting money on a color that looked good in the store, but didn’t quite work once you brought it home.

Selecting an interior paint color for your home depends on YOUR particular style as well as the size and shape of the room. Interior paint colors are infinite; however, certain color schemes can enhance the look of a room, creating a relaxing and open feel to the space. When selecting a paint color for your home, determine what type of mood you would like to set in each room.

* Bedrooms- Bedrooms should use color schemes that create a relaxing and sensual atmosphere, encouraging rest and sleep. Neutral colors work well here as do cool colors, such light and medium hues.

*Living Room- Living rooms should use hues with a warm and cozy feel. Again, neutrals work well here, but in contrast to the bedroom, the living room is also a place to socialize. So, it’s OK to experiment with bright hues as well

*Kitchens- Kitchens should be brighter and use colors that stimulate the appetite. Whereas you might not think about using yellows and reds in other rooms of the house, the kitchen is the perfect place to try out these colors.

Once you have found a color that achieves the mood you prefer for each space, it is important to take into consideration the size and shape of the room you are designing.

*Lighter Hues- Lighter colors are great for smaller spaces, such as bathrooms, hallways and small bedrooms. The lighter hues will create a more open and brighter environment.

*Darker Hues- Darker colors can make a small room feel cramped, but can add an elegant touch to larger spaces. When used properly, dark hues can greatly enhance the visual appeal of a room.

The key to finding the right color is choosing hues that complement each other and are right for each particular room.

*Helpful Hint- When selecting colors for your space, take into consideration the colors that are already in the room. What color is the furniture? Is there any artwork in the room? What do the curtains look like? Thinking about items you already have will help direct you towards colors that will work well for you and that you will love to live in!

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