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Ask any parent and he/she will vouch for the fact that organizing kids room is the most challenging task ever! The challenge in organizing and de-cluttering your kid’s room lies in the fact that kids are constantly growing and so are their needs, choices and preferences. With constant activity occurring in the kid’s room, keeping things organized is necessary to enable you to keep track of the things used, things needed and things that can be discarded. Let’s discuss a few ways which can help you in organizing kids room.

Firstly, come down to a child’s level when organizing kids room. This means that you must tidy up the room in such a way that your child finds it easy to maintain the room that way. For this introduce lots of easy-to-access storage space in the child’s room such as floor-level baskets to store toys and clothes, lowered closet rods, hooks to hang scarves, neck-ties, handbags and belts and child-sized hangers to hang clothes etc.

De-cluttering is another important aspect to consider when organizing kids room. This means that you must sort out those items that are rarely or never used by your child including out-dated, ill-fitting clothes, broken toys and items that your child has simply outgrown. It is better to find a storage space for these elsewhere in the house if you do not wish to discard them. It also pays to classify and contain his toys in individual containers so that he does not take down that big carton box of toys and strews its entire contents on the floor leaving you tearing your hair considering the post-play donkey work involved!

However, sorting, introducing sufficient storage space and making them easily accessible to your child alone are not enough. What is equally important is that you inculcate the habit of organizing in your child from that early age. For this, it is essential that you let your child participate in the organization activity. Make pack-up a nightly routine or assign specific organization tasks rather than just the general command of ‘clean-up your room’. With all the hard-work that your child puts-in in cleaning up and organizing his room, chances of him ruining his own hard-work will be remote.

To put it succinctly, when organizing kids room find a solution that fits your child for after all, it is his room and his possessions that we are talking about.

While organizing kids room ensure that in addition to regular sorting, classifying and storing of your child’s items, you teach them the art of organizing to make it a habit rather than a forced piece of work.

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