PostHeaderIcon Go Gold With Bathroom Wall Tiles

Be a winner this festive season by deciding on stunning gold wall tiles for your bathroom. And following a year jam packed with Olympic Games action who wouldn’t want to capture some of that winning feeling and bottle it to enjoy over Christmas.

But deciding what you really want to achieve with a room, what your objectives are and how you want the room to appear really are the first, initial decision when choosing the colour of tiles for your room. By considering all of these things you will naturally arrive at a decision. So whether being a winner is for you or not, it is essential to know what you want to achieve and how you want the room to feel, both for you and your visitors to your home.

Gold, of course, is a warming, luxurious and indulgent colour. It is perfect for both bathrooms and kitchens. And you could project yourself as a winner with the soft gold metallic mosaic glass tiles that are available on the market. And whilst they might not be strictly gold there are nebular brown glass mosaic tiles which boast a myriad of golden shades, too.

However, if you decide that you want to achieve a room that is more serene, cool, relaxed, or even crisp, then perhaps a clean cut white is more for you. There are some stunning white tiles available – and never let anyone tell you white is simply a standard and basic colour, it certainly is not.

Not only is it as pure as the driven snow and perfect to decorate your home with in a cool, crisp and clean finish. But white is simply wonderful in winter, and even more super in the summer.

If you plan to go for white then why not some of these tips: white glass mosaic tiles offer a year round treat and look the part when coupled with reds, greens and gold. Or might want to really freshen it up with dove white, ice white and optic white.

So there you have two very different examples: gold and white. Both of which can be used to achieve quite different looks and to meet the varying objectives people bring to the decoration of a new home. So whether you want the winning look or a crisp, cool interior, take the time to think about what you want to achieve and then choose the colour right for you.

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