PostHeaderIcon Don’t Forget a Wall Fountain for Your Sun Room

If you have a sun room, then there is a very good chance that it is the most popular room in the house spring through fall; maybe even in the winter if you have a gel or electric fireplace out there! This is the place where you go to read, enjoy your breakfast or just sit and watch the sunrise. Therefore, it only makes sense that you furnish and decorate with items that will welcome you to the space. This is exactly what a wall fountain will do.

Natural Setting

The great thing about a sun room is that you are almost outside, without actually being outside. You get to enjoy the perks of the outdoors, like the cool breeze and hearing the sound of the birds chirping like they are right there next to you. However, you don’t have to deal with crawling bugs or flying insects. Plus, if it rains, you don’t have to head inside.

While you may think that there is really nothing you can do to top the environment you already enjoy in your favorite room, you may be quite surprised at just how much more magical the space becomes when you add a wall fountain.

The sound of flowing water is incredibly soothing. If you enjoy your sun room because of the natural setting that it offers then you should appreciate just how magnified this natural feeling is with one or two fountains. If you close your eyes and just listen to the sound of the cascading water and feel the breeze coming through the windows, you might find yourself transported to a tropical island, without the expensive price of an airline ticket.

Sound Barrier

Are you someone who would use your sun room a lot more if your neighborhood wasn’t so noisy? Maybe every time you go out there, it is the exact same time one neighbor turns up their music, a dog starts barking or the couple from a few houses down is having another loud argument. It is pretty hard to sit out there and relax, read, nap, meditate or anything else if you are distracted by all these undesirable sounds.

Well, the sound that your wall fountain will offer as the water cascades down its face actually acts as a sound barrier. While it is soothing to you, it also does a fantastic job of blocking these noises out. If you ever hid in the bathroom as a teenager and turned on the water so your parents couldn’t hear you on the phone that you were supposed to be grounded from, then you probably understand!

A Wall Fountain really should be a necessity in a sun room. You will find that they will create a more natural setting. Plus, Fountains do an excellent job of blocking out sound, so you can enjoy your space even when the sun room is noisy.

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