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Wind chimes are instruments to be played by nature, in particular natures wind. They are also sometimes used in modern day musical creations as a percussion instrument. They are constructed of different types of material, and most often seen in Western cultures made of metal or bamboo tubing. Typically, wind chimes are hung outdoors to allow the wind to play them at its whim, but some people place smaller models indoors for their beauty.

The pleasant sounds made by chimes are what attract most people to them. Wind chimes can bring on a feeling of peace for those surrounded by the music produced when they are set in motion. Some people feel that they bring on joy and happiness as they fill the air with light and gentle sounds.

If you were to categorize wind chimes it would have to be done based on shape and materials used.

Classic: These are the chimes that are most often seen because their music can be heard even in the slightest breeze, and come in a variety of designs.

Spiral: Spiral chimes typically are round in shape, and are constructed of various materials with different shapes, all producing a spiral effect.

Bamboo: The sound produced by bamboo is quite a bit different from that which can be heard when aluminum chords are struck, but they are none the less beautiful. With this type of chime, bamboo poles are hollowed out and hung by cords in varying lengths.

Outdoor: Since the large majority of people choose to hang wind chimes outdoors, there is little reason to have to examine most to make sure they are suitable for this occasion. However, when looking at smaller sizes it is best to determine whether or not they will last out in the weather.

Indoor: These smaller versions of chimes generally make a softer sound than those to be used outside. Some indoor wind chimes even come with a base that when installed with a battery will produce a gentle breeze from a small fan.

Musical: When created properly, the music played by these little marvels is in tune. The materials used are generally copper, lead, tin, and stainless steel. The tubing used is cut to different lengths to produce a sound that corresponds to the desired notes.

Ornate: These are not just wind chimes, but instead are intended as decoration around the home. They can be found in shapes of dragon flies, butterflies, birds, lady bugs, dolphins or any other desired shape.

Theme: Going along with the tradition of ornate chimes, there are also some to be found that are made to look like sailboats, angels, fruits or any other shape that pleases the eye.

With historical evidence that these types of decorations, or possibly defense mechanisms, were used by prehistoric man, is it any wonder most people are intrigued by them? It is not only for the style and sound they bring to the surroundings, but the very idea that they are so intricately made that captures the attention of so many.

Regardless of which category of wind chime that makes you want more, it is possible to create a garden that is uniquely relaxing to you. Whether your style is southwest, country home, feng shui or some other design, using these creative tools you can create your own oasis no matter where you live.


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