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If you plan to invest money in your home to improve it for your own enjoyment, or to make it more appealing to a prospective buyer and increase its value, your best bet is to focus on your kitchen. A great quality, well designed kitchen will look fantastic, last well for years to come and will make everyday tasks in the kitchen a great deal easier and a lot more fun. For the ideal design to suit your home and your requirements and the best quality materials, look for a bespoke kitchen designer who can deliver the best results possible within your agreed budget.

A bespoke kitchen designer crafts cabinets and furniture for kitchens from solid wood, which not only looks beautiful but is also solid and durable enough to withstand the kind of wear and tear you would expect in an average family home without showing signs of damage. Solid wood is far superior to other inferior quality materials that are frequently used in the manufacture of mass-produced, off the shelf kitchens. Solid wood does not suffer the effects caused by the excessive heat or moisture created in this area of the home in the way that compressed board and MDF do. A few years down the line when your doors have received a few too many knocks or dents and begin to look a little bit tired, they can be re-finished quickly and easily without costing a great deal of money or time. Wood is easily repaired in the event that any excessive damage occurs to its surface area.

Many people opt to have their solid wood kitchens painted and not leave all of the cabinets and doors in a wood finish. This opens up the possibility to refresh your colour choice when the mood takes you and you feel like a change, at a minimal cost. A growing trend at the moment is to leave certain feature drawers, doors and cabinets in the kitchen in wood and combine this with a painted finish, offering yet another way to put your own stamp on your kitchen design.

A bespoke solid wood kitchen can be designed in a style of your choice using your preferred materials. Wood is incredibly adaptable as a material and many bespoke cabinet makers are now regularly incorporating sleek curves in their kitchen designs to improve the flow of the space. Whether you like a rustic, country cottage style or a sleek, polished finish, with a skilled kitchen designer you will be able to come up with a design that matches both your personality and your home.

The types of solid wood commonly used to build kitchens in your area will depend to some extent on where in the world you live. Generally speaking, pine, oak and maple tend to be very popular choices, although accent pieces in darker hued, solid woods including mahogany, walnut and cherry are a popular choice in many designs. A bespoke kitchen company with strong eco-friendly principles may be more inclined to use locally sourced woods to minimise their carbon footprint or at least encourage you to opt for a type of wood that is fast growing and easily replenished once harvested.

A solid wood kitchen offers the best there is in terms of quality and will greatly enhance the appearance of your home and will last for years and years.

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