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Bleach Resistant towels are something that every hospitality business and hospital director should order for the services they provide. These towels come in a rainbow of various colors and still are guaranteed not to fade or bleed when washed.

This item is unbelievable with its amazing capabilities. They are 100% cotton and the most popular size is 16 X 27. They do come in many different sizes and can be ordered in bulk or box lots. They routinely are ordered in five or ten dozen sets and come in a rainbow of colors.

The unsurpassed results of these Bleach Safe towels are just a modern marvel.

The normal average colored towels when exposed to bleach, iodine’s, and the rest of a day’s daily chores will definitely fade, spot, and bleed into the other items in the wash. The Bleach Resistant towel does just what the name ‘Bleach Resistant” says. They are guaranteed not to fade even though they are very colorful towels.

Bleach Safe towels have the proficiency to last longer than the average towel. They are 100% cotton and double stitched in the corners. They are soft to the touch providing a pleasant relaxing experience of your consumers. The Bleach Resistant towels are perfect for every Spa, Hospital, Motel, Assisted Living Center, Health Club, and even the Gyms. As you can see, these towels are versatile and not just made for typical service. The service of these towels is just veracious for the use of tanning beds salons.

The softness of the touch from the 100% cotton Bleach Resistant towel can ease the client or patient into feeling relaxed and calm and this is one of the vital reason they are a leading choice for use in Hospitals and Rehabilitation Clinics, to a Doctor’s Office.

Because these towels are available for so many uses by so many different business’s and hospitality services they have to be capable to be bleached to eliminate bacteria, germs and stains while maintaining the brilliance for continual use..

The standard white towels, after a few procedures and washes can become permanently stained. They often can have a cast of “yellow dingy tint” even when they are bleached. The use of meager towels for clients, patients, or customers can cost reputations and an experience that can result in a loss of return business.

The Bleach Resistant towels have the unusual expertise to meet many services and demands. After being bleached when washed they can still have the proficiency to be safe and sanitary with no fading or loss of colors in the towels.

Among all the other reason and places mentioned above for the use of these towels there is still many more! One example would be the use of the hand size Bleach Resistant towel for the kitchen. In modern color schemes of today there are many colors in the kitchens.

The evidence is there for the Bleach Resistant towels in so many various useful applications and everyday situations on a regular basis. Do you have one you would like to share also?


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