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Area Rugs Made from Cowhide

Cowhide rugs are a fun way to spice up a country or rustic looking room. These rugs are available in natural shapes which use a free form style. The classic cowhide print is in black and white, which can be used to add interest to a modern living room or family room. Many modern room designs use the black and white color theme to create a stark area. The addition of the cowhide print will be in keeping with the décor while adding visual impact.

An area rug made from cowhide does not have to be in keeping with the traditional black and white spot design. A modern or contemporary room can also be enhanced using an innovative patchwork design. This rug uses the contrasting colors of black and white in a diamond shaped pattern using squares instead of spots. These animal rugs will add a touch of décor to a room while also protecting the surface of the floor.

Additional Styles of Animal Print Rugs

The category of natural rugs made from the hides of animals also includes sheepskin rugs, reindeer rugs and zebra print rugs. All of these rugs come in colors and shapes designed to fit different areas inside a home. The sheepskin rugs have soft natural fibers which makes them some the more luxurious styles available. The zebra print rugs can be used to draw elements together in a room filled with African décor or add interest to a rustic country cabin.

Strength and Durability

While animal print rugs certainly add interest to a room, they also have their practical aspects. Natural animal hides are extremely durable so they will not fray at the edges or wear away in the middle like traditional fabric rugs. Animal hide is also known for the protection it provides against chills and drafts. When placed over hard floor surfaces, these rugs will significantly reduce the chill coming off the floor’s surface. During cold winter months, this rug can help conserve energy usage by blocking the cold coming off the hard floor surface. Rugs made from natural animal hides will also protect the surface of a floor from becoming scratched.

Health Benefits

Natural cowhide, reindeer skin rugs and sheepskin rugs are also healthier items to have in a home. Products made from natural sources do not contain harsh chemicals which can irritate people’s skin. Natural animal skin rugs are classified as being hypo-allergenic because there are not airborne fibers or particles which can cause irritation to skin or lungs.

The many advantages to animal hide rugs makes them a better choice when selecting rugs for the home. Their natural beauty combined with their strength, durability and safety is far superior to any man-made rugs available.

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