PostHeaderIcon Add a Modern Fireplace to Your Yoga Space

If you are like many other yogis, you have designated a specific spot in the house to your daily yoga practice. Perhaps you have an entire spare room that you have converted into a mini studio, or maybe you have simply cleared away space in your bedroom so you have enough room to flow through your vinyasa. Either way, a modern fireplace could really be the finishing touch you need.


A dancing flame has the unique ability to adapt to the atmosphere you are hoping for. Bonfires at a party can be exciting, but on a date, they can be romantic. Therefore, depending on your practice, a modern fireplace could offer the calming element that you need to focus on your breathing, or it could be a motivational element to push harder.


If you have frequented yoga studios in the past, then you already know that a heated practice is extremely popular right now. Some Bikram yoga classes are held in a heated room of 105 degrees Fahrenheit, although most are offered in an environment about 5 degrees cooler than this. You can choose an electric, gel or bio fuel modern fireplace, and they will all provide you with a little extra warmth that you need.

If you are wondering why you should heat the room to match your body temperature, it is because it offers a long list of benefits. Just a few of these include:

Fat is burned more effectively and redistributed as energy to use through the rest of your practice.Capillaries dilate to oxygenate the muscles, organs, tissues and glands more effectively.Heat helps you stretch easier as you are granted more flexibility.Metabolism speeds up to break down fatty acids and glucose, thereby accelerating weight loss.

Choosing the Right One

When you shop, wall fireplaces should be at the top of your list. The last thing that you want to do at any point of your practice is have to think twice whether you have enough room to fully stretch for a pose. So, unless you have a very large yoga space, a floor variety would not be a good idea. A wall-mounted one is ideal because it will be completely out-of-the-way.

If you live in a rental and can’t hang pieces of art on your walls, then you should check out the huge selection of tabletop fireplaces that are available as well.

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