PostHeaderIcon 7 Reasons Behind Black Quartz Tiles Popularity

Black quartz stone is an engineered stone which is well-made with 94 percentage of quartz minerals in them. Apart from that, many components like natural mineral, mirrors, calcium carbonate etc, have also been included in its make. There are several reasons behind the popularity of Black Quartz tiles. Here is the list of 7 reasons behind popularity of this stone.

1. Durable – black Quartz tiles is a family of quartz engineered tiles. There is no other tiling option that is equal to this stone that provides a tough and strong surface.

2. Strength – compared to all tiling options, this stone has a tougher surface that makes them stronger than granite, marble, ceramic, travertine and limestone. Since they are an engineered stone they have excellent properties. However, it is recommended that you arrange a skilled person to fix them properly because, they are heavy to handle. When a perfect installation is given, they will last for many years.

3. Stain and spill resistant – another reason behind the popularity of this stone is that, they are resistant to stain and spills. Cleaning and maintenance of these stones is very simple. Even spills of oil, grease, paint, acids do not affect their surface. With simple cleaning tips, you can sustain its durability. This make them as an excellent option for bathrooms, kitchen’ countertops and back splashes.

4. Appearance – they have a unique appearance. This stone is the best of all and they have a uniform back ground with glittery and sparkling articles. Their surface is fully filled with copper, golden, bronze, silver and yellow stones. They will not break or crack even during installation.

5. Less maintenance – Maintaining these stones is a simple process. Their surface does not need any special or decorative coating or layer. Moreover, they do not need any special sealant to seal them. During the manufacturing process itself these stones are sealed and polished. Since it is an engineered stone they do not resist to water, moisture, spills, oil, dirt etc.

6. Shade – when compared to other tiling options they have less shade and texture. Yet, they are the top most tiling option around the globe.

7. Aesthetic appeal – this is another reason for the popularity of black quartz stone. In fact, where ever you install them, they will bring grace and elegance.

Since it is a versatile stone you can install them for floors, walls, countertops, backsplashes, stair, commercial buildings and many more.

Here are few tips to buy these tiles. View online sites to see abundant styles, themes, textures and many more. It is recommended to clean them with liquid wash solution. There is no need to seal, wax or polish them. If you wish to mount them by yourself, get suggestions from tiling experts. Use this stone to make your home look rich and neat. Use textures and fixture to create a unique look.

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