PostHeaderIcon 3 Days To Your Dream Kitchen

When it comes to creating memorable Valentine’s Day gifts few demonstrations match a fully remodeled kitchen except for perhaps a remodeled bathroom.

If you have done chocolates, and flowers, and the other usual and typical Valentine’s Day gifts why not spice up the nest a little and see what develops now and in the future. It can open up a way to reconnect through talking over the plans and various ideas for a new kitchen layout or design.

It can all start by contacting a local contractor that specializes in kitchen updating and remodeling. Gather some ideas, get some costs together and go to your spouse and plead for their help. But if you want to engage the surprise element, then be bold and undertake the idea and present it wrapped in a standard box that say a sweater or undergarment might come in; use your imagination.

If you really want to rev up your romance with your significant other then think remodel. Many times undertaking even a small home makeover has been known to spark amorous ideas and feelings. Perhaps, revitalize libidos, and bring you both of you closer once more.

When you ask is a good time or way to open up a discrete discussion on making home front changes such as for starters the kitchen? Well, for some it is after having a great meal, such as dinner, and the evening chores or activities are completed and the mood of relaxation and conversation naturally can open to topics of mutual interest. It can be a perfect time and place to launch the subject of a home project. Start with the sharing of any fantasies about your ideal home environment. They are sure to deepen your bond to one another. One never knows where this kind of closeness can lead on any given Thursday night? Even language can evoke the double entendres you wish; and, can bring new meaning to home cooking and date night.

Keep in mind that it is a known fact men are challenged to keep their hands off a woman who is busy cooking. For women it is a good bet that a dish-washing man will put them in a romantic mood. Keeping this in mind your plans for a new kitchen island may be more conducive of a multitude of activities in addition to a meal. Spacious placement of a basic countertop can be a planning project that may create interesting discussions. A cozy breakfast nook can be designed to foster intimate breakfasts and can be made for closeness.

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